• नेचुरल सहकारीको पहिचान, उद्यमशीलता विकासको अभियान”

Message from Managing Director

Among the three polar economies of the Nepal Government, the Cooperative sector resides as the third strong pole. Natural Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited also stand as the third strong pole for the economic, social, and cultural need of the society and nation. By suppressing probable social perversion and risks, and with constant positive governance, rising members to the path of economic development is the organization’s main vision.

We always work on the 7 principles of cooperatives (Open and Voluntary Membership, Democratic Member Control, Members’ Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, Education, Training, and Information, Cooperation among Cooperatives, and Concern for Community). For raising the economic status of the society and its members, we are continuously working on strategy, consulting, and digital technology for 15 years. The organization aims to be the best cooperative among all the cooperatives in Nepal by generating the feel of faith and intimacy in member’s hearts.

Bikalpa Pathak

Managing Director