• नेचुरल सहकारीको पहिचान, उद्यमशीलता विकासको अभियान”


Natural ATM card is an electronic chip card where member can withdraw their saving balance from more than 1200 ATMs of SCT and Union Pay Network. Cards can also be used on POS.


QR code Payment is the digital payment method where transaction is done by
simply scanning the QR code from mobile banking. The Fonepay QR code issued
by Natural SACCOS can be used for accepting the payments from digital wallets
and mobile banking applications of different bank and financial institutions.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking service offered by NATURAL SACCOS is the most secured and liable mobile banking application for the members. On Natural Smart App members can feel and use the different features like:

  • Topup
  • Internet Bill Payment
  • NEA Payment
  • Khanepani Payment
  • Inter Bank Fund Transfer
  • Wallet Load
  • Flight Booking
  • Insurance Payment
  • Fonepay QR Payment
  • Bank to Coop fund transfer
  • Natural Internal Fund Transfer
  • Loan Payment
  • Scan & Withdraw


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Missed Call banking is the free service offered by the NATURAL SACCOS where in the members can get their account balance information and topup their register mobile number.