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Agriculture Loan

Agricultural loans are provided to farmer for funding a seasonalagricultural operations or related activities like animal farming, pisci-culture or agricultural tools. This type of loan also helps buying inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, insecticides etc.

Business Loan

Business loan are provided to access to capital so you can invest it into your business. The funds can be used for many different purposes including working capital or improvements including renovations, technology and staffing, business acquisitions, real estate purchases and more.

Education Loan

Education loan are provided for students loan to pay fees for their studies. These funds can help you cover your tuition and registration fees, as well as associated costs, such as accommodation, textbooks, abroad studies.

Hire Purchase Loan

Hire Purchase loan are provided for financing solution suitable for businesses wishing to purchase vehicles. The customer pays an initial deposit, with the remainder of the balance and interest paid over a period of time. On completion, ownership of the asset transfers to the customer.

Home Loan

A home loan is a secured loan that is provided to purchase a property by offering it as collateral. Home loans offer high-value funding at economical interest rates and for long tenors. They are repaid through EMIs. After repayment, the property's title is transferred back to the borrower.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is an amount of money you can borrow to use for a variety of purposes. Personal Loan can be used for the various purposes.