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On Time Service.

Natural Cooperative values Member’s time and is always committed to deliver reliable services within a specified time. 

A Team Of Professionals.

Natural Cooperative comprises a team of highly expert finance and management professionals to deliver high class service. 

Advanced Technology.

We believe in technology and give the full benefits of the high security and latest technology services to member’s. We implement them for quality service to our Member’s

Strong Connection.

We believe in creating a strong relationship with our members and look forward to be in your long lasting service. 

PEARLS Monitoring

Organization uses the ‘PEARLS Monitoring System’ in order to trace its financial indicators.

Information Security

Member’s information is highly secured at Natural. Organization has a dedicated team of experts for member’s data and information security.

Natural Mobile Banking

Natural Cooperative offers Mobile Banking Service to our valued customers. Members can easily check the account balance, statements through SMS, and can enjoy the mobile TopUp services and bill payment for Internet, TV and lot more.

Mobile Banking


Natural ATM

With the Natural ATM service, now our members can have ease with accessing their savings anywhere throughout Nepal and India. 

Natural Remittance

Our members can send and receive money from every corner of the world with the help of Natural Remittance service. We offer the trusted ans secured remit services.


Other Services

Covered in these areas

Natural Cooperative has deployed a Branchless Banking System that is capable of providing Retail Banking features such as Cash Deposit/Withdrawal, Bill Payments, Fund Transfers and Inquiries to the Customers.

Natural Cooperative offers a range of Saving Schemes to our valued Customers, with incredible features. Choose the scheme that best suits for you and we ensure you an amazing returns on your investments. 

Now fulfill your dreams with the Natural Loans. Natural Cooperative offers incredible Loan schemes that will suit our member’s personal needs. Choose from a variety of schemes available to fullfil your business and personal needs. 

Members' Testimonials

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    Jane Doe

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry in Nepal.

Mr. Bikalpa PathakManaging Director

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